We appreciate the opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading Diagnostic and Consumable Product Distributor!

As a company that started out refurbishing machines for 15 years, we discovered we were able to supply the reagents from manufacturers and save thousands of dollars to Labs across the country. We are a small company that offers great customer service with low overhead which is why we can offer reasonable pricing.

Our goal is to present you the best service, unbeatable pricing and quick delivery. We have been fortunate to be able to help Labs and Hospitals save from the high costs charged within the medical system. These savings can be better facilitated for other purposes and used for improved healthcare for your patients.


Phone: 1-888-734-9911

Marissa Rose: marissa@thelabconnection.com
Anne Marie Loveland: annemarie@thelabconnection.com

Hours of Operation- Mon-Fri- 8am-6pm, Sat-9am-3pm

2207 Concord Pike #594
Wilmington, Delaware 19803-2906